Sunday, November 02, 2008

Shabbat's ER adventure, or hospital high-tech hijinks

First, they put the squeeze on the hubster with one of those dreadful automatic blood-pressure cuffs that I hate. Talk about being in a bind . . .

Then, they assigned him to an Emergency Room bed that was defective--the mattress couldn't be lowered to a flat position. I insisted that they move him to the empty bed next to him.

To top it off, they tried to take his temperature with one of those high-tech thermometers connected to a hand-held mini-computer (or the like), but the contraption was broken, and they had to find another one.

I would say that the only relief my husband got was comic, but the doc did kick him out in mid-afternoon for being too healthy, which is to say that his latest kidney stone decided to leave him alone after a few hours.

All told, he would have preferred Shabbat Noach to Shabbat ER.


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